So much is going on! Feels, like I paused my university life for some time and now I need to catch up, but I haven’t done that. I just need to work, work, work and work again. So many exams, laboratory works in such a short period of time. I missed calm ”me” time, when there is not that much to study and you can easily find time to put some face mask on. I have a laboratory work defence today, then three on other week, exams coming up and practise camps, hikes… I even made a new calendar and wrote everything down, because I’m lost in my own world.

Also, I heard that yoga classes is every Monday morning at 7am and I really want to go there, but I don’t know if I will manage to do that. Plus, I want to finish the book I started reading a month ago or something. I hate leaving unfinished ”business”. Well, I’m planning so many things, but with so little time.

Weekend mode on, but there is some activities planned too. I need to go to tattoo salon with my friend, she’s getting her first tattoo and apparently  I’m needed for support; on Saturday my other friends field hockey game and then trip to the park and probably, free Sunday, that I will spent with biochemistry 🙂



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