Well, in this case it’s better late than never. It has been exactly one month that I’m 20 year old and I was writing this list way before my birthday and never uploaded. As stupid as this sounds, but I want to have this in online diary of mine, so here we go:

  1. ’’Adult” trip.

Monaco, Nice, Cannes – checked.

2. Felt really ”nicely” on ice. 

While I was at my parents, I decided to give a iceskating a try. Felt on ice, 3 days spent in bed with painkillers.

3. Survived practise camp.

4. Drove in Sweden- Norway.

I’m really shy driver and not a good one for sure, so driving in another country and crossing country border was a thing.

5. Become obsessed with reading. H. Murakami.

6. Made this internet diary and I’m still writing in this.

7. Got the understanding that family is super important and our health is wealth.

This is probably the ideas, things I wasn’t appreciating as a teenager, when all I wanted to do is just to express myself in some way, but when I started thinking like a proper human being I got the strong realisation of how important is health&family.

8. Got 2 guinea pigs, that now lives with my parents.

9. Tried to become this healthy, motivated and positive person for so many times, but failed every time. 

10. Moved to the capital city.

11. Had a depression, that lasted for 6 months. One of the darkest periods of my life.

12. Said goodbye to my dog, that I used to call ‘’sister’’ after our 16 year friendship.

13. Made a two major mistakes for my hair. Blonde is not for me…

14. I have an understanding of my values. 

School, university and other drama= lived through. Many lowest lows and depression, anxiety days, weeks, even months lived through. Many books read. A lot of time spent and some understanding about my values is in me, but this is learning process and I learn every day.

15. Started making videos and putting pictures/tickets in a scratch book.

16.  Learning to love myself.

17. Tasted alcohol…

18. Got my first designers pieces: ‘’Armani’’ bracelet and ‘’Karl’’ bag.

19.Saw about 4% of the world..

20. Really sentimental human being = me.



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