Yesterday I managed to twist my ankle, so today and the rest of yesterday I’ve spent in the lazy mode. Really wanting to do a workout on a treadmill, but it’s not the best idea at all, I need to wait for my ankle to recover. Today was the first day in weeks, that I wasn’t home alone all day. Something broke down at moms … Continue reading LAZY DAY


3 THOUGHTS/ THINGS ON MY MIND:  Why I’m missing my city life so much? Will that month pass quickly? What poses is good for me, because I want to have some new pictures of myself. Do ”baking” really works and this will work for my skin? And also, how to contour your face that will show off in photos, but at the same time, in … Continue reading 3 THINGS


Yesterday I’ve wrote that I hope my ”missing” feelings will not comeback, well they comeback today… I hate this feeling and I was really good to not feel this at all, but this year has hit me. Hit me hard. Maybe by getting older, I get multiple times more sentimental? Also, I feel the struggle by posting there every day, but it’s kinda a fun … Continue reading MISSING


The Sunday spent in a true weekend style. All productive that I did was throwing the trash and building the cupboard from Ikea. And cleaning my sentimental ”shelf’s”. I am really sentimental person and I get easily attached to the photos and all that stuff, so today I’m doing a cleanse and just deleting everything that has no sense anymore and I just need to … Continue reading CLEANING


Exactly one week ago I wrote there of how tired I was, but today the tiredness reached another level. I’m even a little bit surprised how I’m writing this now. Yesterday, right before I fell asleep I got the news, that I need to get up at 5 am.. Of course, I couldn’t sleep well at night, so after 4 hours of sleep the journey … Continue reading TOO.TIRED.